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AB Tools Tipped carbide and indexable tools
Abbott Workholding Pie jaws, chuck jaws, tooling columns
Accurate Cutter Grinding Special cutting tools 
Accurate Diamond Tool Diamond indexable inserts & grinding wheels
Accu-Cut Diamond Super abrasives
ACT Tooling Collet-less boring bars
Advent Tool Solid carbide and insertable thread mills 
Air Turbine Tools Spindle speeders
Albrecht Inc. Keyless drill chucks and milling chucks 
Allen Benjamin Inc. Carbide insert taps
Allied Machine & Eng Spade drills/indexable porting tools/reamers 
Aloris Tool Technology Co.  Quick change tool posts
Alvord Polk Reamers Carbide/HSS reamers, HSS core drills
American National Carbide Carbide inserts
American ThreadMills Threadmilling 
Anderson Products Brushes
Arc Abrasives Specialty abrasives
Arno Rouse Indexable cutting tools & boring systems 
ATI Stellram Indexable cutting tools & round tools
ATS Systems Workholding systems
Auto Drill Automated drilling/tapping
Award Cutter Company Tapered HSS & carbide end mills 
Bahco Band saw blades
Balax Cutting & roll form tapes 
Bardo Abrasives Non-woven products
Benchmark Carbide Carbide chamfer mills, end mills & reamers
Benz Oil Way oil, industrial fluids
Besly Cutting Tools Inc. HSS round tools
Best Chuck Workholding
Big Ass Fans Air circulation equipment
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Tool holding/boring systems/presenters
Bilz Tool holding systems
Blaser Swisslube Metal working coolants & oils
Bock Workholding Workholding PDS, vises, hydraulic clamping 
Bondhus Ball driver hex wrenches
BPT Rotary Toolholders Tool holding systems 
Brown & Sharpe Metrology equipment
Brush Research Honing/deburring brushes
Buck Chuck Machine chucks & accessories
Burdon Gundrills Gun drills
Canela Cutting Tools Carbide tipped & carbide reamers
Carbide Tool Services Indexable and rotating tool repair
Carboline Cutting Tools Threading/grooving inserts
Cameron Workholding 
Carmex Precision Tools Indexable cutting tools 
Centaur Tool holding systems
Ceratizit USA Indexable carbide tooling
Cheboygan Tap & Tool Special taps, dies & thread mills
Chick Workholding Workholding PDS (Vises) clamping 
Chrislynn Inserts Threaded inserts 
Circle Small indexable boring, grooving, threading tools 
CITCO Abrasives CBN & PCD cutting tools & wheels 
CJT Koolcarb Carbide tipped tools
ClappDico CBN & PCD cutting tools
Cogsdill Tool Products Padded reamers, deburring tools, boring systems
Collis Tool holders
Command Tooling Systems Tool holding systems, presenters
Conical Tool Co. Carbide tapered end mills
Controx Carbide & cobalt end mills, milling cutters 
Cut Technologies Band saw blades
DeniTool Precision indexable tooling
Design-Rite Carbide drills & end mills 
Dex-Cut Tools Special inserts 
Dexport Tool Indexable carbide port tools
Di-Coat Diamond coatings, specialty tools
Dillon Manufacturing Chuck jaws 
Dip Seal Plastics Protective coatings
Disston Bandsaw blades
Dorian Indexable tooling & knurling tools 
Dumont Company Broaches
Dura-Mill Carbide end mills 
Dyer Gage Precision measuring instruments
Edward Andrews Machine lathe chucks and tool holding systems
Elliott Tool Burnishing/tube tools
Emuge Taps & thread mills 
Engis Corp. Specialty super abrasives
ETW Special indexable tooling & fixturing 
Eurotech Corp. Expanding hydraulic chucks and arbors 
Even Cut Specialty abrasives 
Everede Tool Indexable cutting tools 
EWS-Command Live tooling 
EXSYS Tool Live tooling 
EZ Burr Deburring tools 
F & D Tool Specialty tooling
Form Relief Tool Co. Port contour cutters 
Form Roll Die Knurling tools and holders 
Fuerda Machine lathe chucks 
Gaylee Saws Carbide saws 
General Broach Co (GBC) Special broaches
George Whalley Coolant through cutting tools 
Global CNC Tool holding accessories & VDI tooling 
Global Tooling Solutions Tool holding systems 
Gorilla Mill Special carbide tools
Graymills Industrial pumps & parts washers 
GTD Taps
Greenfield Industries HSS Drills
Guhring Drills, taps, endmills, PCD tooling
Haimer Tool holding systems, shrink fit machines 
Hainbuch America Precision workholding systems(Chucks)
Hanita Carbide drills & endmills
Hannibal Carbide Carbide round tools
Ham Precision Tools PCD & carbide round tools 
Hardinge Collets, tool holders, Bridgeport, spindle tooling
Hassay Savage Broaches
Heidenhain Corp. Digital readout systems
Heule Tool Indexable chamfering  & deburring tools 
Hexagon Metrology Measuring tools
Horizon Carbide Tool Carbide cutting & grinding inserts
HPI – Pioneer Tool holding systems
Huot CNC tool holder carts, drill & tap indexes
Hytec-Powerteam Workholding components
Iemca/Bucci  Bar feeders
IMCO Carbide round tooling
Ingersoll Indexable carbide cutting tools 
Internal Tool Carbide round tools 
Ionbond Coatings Industrial tool coatings
Iscar Indexable carbide cutting tools 
JBO-USA Tread mills
Jergens Set up reduction, vises and towers
JF Berns Spindle liners, barfeed accessories
JH Williams Hand & power tools
K Tool Standard and special indexable carbide cutting tools
Kaiser Thinbit Precision cutting tools
Kalamazoo Industries Abrasive saws, belt sanders, indexing heads, lathe chucks
Kennametal * Indexable carbide tooling
KEO Cutters HSS/carbide round tools
Kingsford Broach & Tool Broaches
Kitagawa Workholding
Koma Precision Live tooling and angle heads
Komet * Indexable carbide tooling
Korloy Indexable carbide tooling
Kurt Manufacturing Vises, towers, tombstones, custom fixturing
Kyocera/Ceratip * Indexable carbide tooling
Lapmaster Specialty abrasives
Lavalle & Ide HSS reamers
Lenox Band saw blades
Lexair Bar feed systems, collar chucks, valves & pumps
Lexington Cutter Carbide tipped tools
LMC Workholding Face drivers, steady rest, lathe chucks
LMT USA Threadrolling, indexable cutting tools, taps, gear tools
Losma Air & filtration systems
Lyndex Nikken Toolholding
Lyon Workspace Workspace products
MA Ford Carbide round tools 
Manchester Carbide grooving & cut-off
Magafor Carbide & HSS round tools
MAPAL Reaming & fine boring
Max-Bar Tool Swiss tooling
Martin Calibration Repair of measuring tools 
Mastercut Tool Carbide round tools 
Melin Tool Company Carbide round tools
Michigan Drill HSS cobalt & carbide end mills  
Micro 100 Carbide cutting tools  
Microcut Carbide micro tooling  
Micronfilter USA Air and coolant filtration  
Midstates Cutting Tools HSS, carbide tipped & carbide end mills 
Miltec Indexable carbide cutting tools 
Minicut International Indexable cutting tools, cobalt & carbide end mills 
Missouri Carbide Fabricator of special cutting tools & inserts 
Mitee-Bite Workholding systems, clamps, vise pallets
Mitsubishi * Indexable cutting tools 
Monster Tool Carbide endmills, round tooling 
Morse Tool Carbide round tools & HSS round tools
Nachi HSS powered metal & carbide round tools
NAS Precision Carbide drills 
Niagara Cutter End mills & milling cutters
Nikcole Indexable carbide boring
Norseman HSS drills, taps & dies
North American Tool Special dies, gages & taps
Norton Abrasives Abrasives
NTM Indexable boring bars & special tooling
Oil Off Organic hand cleaner
OSG Tap & Die * Carbide round tools & HSS round tools 
Parlec Tool holding systems, presetters
PFERD Abrasives
PH Horn Indexable grooving tools 
Precision Components Tool holding systems
Premier Tooling Systems Tool holding systems
Precision Dormer HSS & carbide drills, taps
Promax Carbide end mills 
Protective Ind. Products Safety
Proto-Cutter Oil feed reamers
Quality Chasers Chasers
Rani Tool Indexable carbide, CB, PCD tooling 
Rayovac Batteries, flash lights
Rego-Fix Tool holding systems 
Regal Cutting Tools HSS & cobalt round tools
Reiff & Nestor Company Taps 
Retention Knob Supply Retention knobs
Rhino Mats Matting
Rigibore Precision boring systems
Riten Dead & live centers, face drivers
RMC/Corman Tool holder & component parts 
Rockford Ettco Procunier Drilling/tapping systems
Roentgen USA Industrial band saw blades
Romay Cermet & ceramic inserts 
Round Tool Solid Carbide Round Tools
Rousseau Cabinets Cabinets
Royal Products Live centers, SC & R8 tooling 
RSVP Tooling Thread rolls & accessories 
Rübig * Reamers, carbide drills
Samchully Workholding 
Sandvik Coromant * Premium indexable carbide tooling 
Schunk Tool holding systems, chucks & chuck jaws 
Scientific Cutting Tools Threadmills & port tools
Seco * Indexable carbide cutting tools 
Severance Tool HSS/Carbide round tools
SGS Tool * Carbide round tools
Shapemaster CBN & PCD inserts 
Shaviv Deburring tools 
SIA Abrasives Specialty abrasives 
Sidley Diamond Diamond tools
Sioux Tools Industrial pneumatic tools
Slater Tools Rotary broaches & holders 
SmartSkim Coolant recycling products
Somma Tool Lathe tooling, rotary broaches & holders 
Southwick & Meister Quick change vise jaws
Sowa Tool holding systems & indexable tooling 
Speedgrip Workholding 
Spiralock Taps 
SsangYong Cutting Tools Indexable cutting tools, carbide end mills 
Standard Abrasives Specialty abrasives 
Stanley Vidmar Storage cabinets, steel shelving 
Star-SU Special tools
Steiner Technologies Automatic back spot face tools 
Sterling Gun Drills Gun drills 
Stevens Engineering Vises, towers, tombstones, custom fixturing 
STI Special cutting tools, carbide drills
Suburban Tool Workholding, metrology equipment
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Indexable carbide cutting tools & carbide drills 
Super Tool Reamers, drills, carbide tip tooling
Superion Specialty cutting tools
Superior Cincinnati Collet parts
Surface Solutions Coatings Coatings
Swiss Precision Instruments Collets, tool holders, measuring tools
Tamco Air & hand tools
Tapmatic Tapping heads
TE-CO Workholding
Techniks Tool holding systems 
Tecnara Tool holding systems 
Tool-Flo Threading, grooving, threadmilling, special inserts
Toolmex Indexable carbide cutters, workholding, endmills
Total Filtration Services Filtration
TPS International Rotary broaching and crash protection 
Tri-Angle Precision Reamers Precision HSS reamers 
Tru-Cut Saw Carbide tipped & HSS circular saws
Trusty Cook Polyurethane spindle liners
Tungaloy Indexable carbide cutting tools
Turtle Plastics Modular matting
Ultra-Dex Indexable boring bars & drills 
Ultra Tool Carbide round tools
Vac-U-Lok Vacuum workholding 
Vardex Indexable threading/grooving tools
Vega Tool Taps 
Vermont Gage Gages
Vermont Indexable Tooling Indexable carbide tooling
Viking Drill & Tool Drills, HSS tooling
Wedevåg Tools Cobalt/HSS drills & endmills 
Weiler Brushes
Whitney Tool HSS, cobalt & carbide tipped drills
Widia Indexable cutting tools
Wiha Hex, phillips, torx wrenches
Widell Industries Taps & dies 
WIDIN Carbide endmills
Wohlhaupter Boring systems 
WTO Live tooling 
Yankee HSS & carbide round tools
YG1 HSS & carbide round tools 
Yuasa International High precision machining accessories
Zebra Skimmers Coolant skimmers
Zettl-Mimatic Live tooling & precision drill chucks
2L Inc. Engraving tools and vacuum workholding systems 

* Designates Site Specific only